8-Time World Champion’s Secret to Injury Rehabilitation at DexaStrong
  • August 9, 2023
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  • Alysha Kaur

In the fiercely competitive world of Muay Thai, Liam Harrison stands tall.

With eight world championships under his belt, he’s a force to be reckoned with. However, like all athletes, Harrison has faced his share of injuries. In his latest recovery journey, he’s turned to the innovative treatments at DexaStrong clinic in Leeds.

Why DexaStrong?

“It’s a safe way for me to help my re rehabilitation program, helping me work on my strength, my agility, mobility, my bone density, everything like that. It’s not interfering in any way whatsoever with any of my overtraining. I know it’s safe.”

— Liam Harrison, 8-time Muay Thai World Champion

DexaStrong supports athletes through injury by providing a pioneering facility equipped with cutting-edge technology, including BioDensity Machines, Power Plates, and DEXA Scans.

These tools, designed to enhance bone density, balance, and overall physical health, have become integral to Harrison’s rehabilitation.

The Science Behind the Rehabilitation

DexaStrong is not just any rehabilitation clinic. It’s a place where cutting-edge technology meets sports science. Two primary technologies have been instrumental in Harrison’s rehabilitation:

1. Dexa Scan

A pivotal tool in assessing bone mineral density and body composition. For athletes, understanding body composition can be crucial in tailoring training and nutrition plans.

Moreover, by monitoring bone density, athletes can ensure that their skeletal system remains robust and resilient against potential injuries.

2. BioDensity Machines

These devices focus on osteogenic loading, a process that compresses bone and stimulates the body’s natural bone generation response.

It’s a safe, self-loaded procedure that can significantly increase bone density, crucial for a fighter like Harrison.

3. Power Plate® Whole Body Vibration Machines

These devices use whole-body vibration to stimulate muscles.

The vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax multiple times per second, which can enhance blood flow, improve muscle strength, and aid in recovery.

Read more about Whole Body Vibration

4. FibroScan

Beyond muscle and bone, an athlete’s internal health is paramount. The FibroScan is a specialised ultrasound device that measures liver stiffness, providing a non-invasive assessment of liver health.

While primarily used for detecting liver diseases, in the context of an athlete’s overall health and nutrition regimen, ensuring liver health can be crucial. The liver plays a vital role in metabolism, energy storage, and detoxification—all essential for peak athletic performance.

The Impact on Harrison’s Recovery

Liam Harrison’s dedication to his sport is evident not just in his training but also in his commitment to recovery.

By leveraging the technologies at DexaStrong, he’s ensuring that his body gets the best possible care, both externally and internally.

“I know I’m not going to get any other injuries and I’m already seeing some massive improvements in the force I’m generating through the pushing on the machines, on the chest press and the leg press…I’m looking forward to where it’s going to take me over the next couple of months.”

– Liam Harrison, 8-time Muay Thai World Champion

The combination of BioDensity Machines, Power Plates, FibroScan, and DexaScan offers a holistic approach to rehabilitation, addressing bone density, muscle strength, internal organ health, and overall body composition.

A Testament to Modern Sports Science

Harrison’s choice to use DexaStrong for his rehabilitation is a testament to the advancements in sports science and medicine.

It underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach to athlete recovery, one that goes beyond traditional methods.

For those in Yorkshire and beyond, knowing that a champion like Liam Harrison trusts DexaStrong for his recovery can provide immense reassurance.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone simply looking to improve your physical health, DexaStrong’s blend of technology and expertise is there to guide you.


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