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Experience a one-of-a-kind service in Leeds dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.

Welcome to our Bone Density and Osteoporosis Clinic

Guiding you to stronger bones and a healthier future.

Welcome to DEXAStrong’s Bone Density and Osteoporosis Clinic, where Dr. Afroze Abbas, a Consultant Endocrinologist and Osteoporosis Specialist, along with our dedicated team, is here to provide you with expert care and solutions tailored to your bone health needs.

  • Bone Density (DEXA) Scans
  • Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA)
  • Trabecular Bone Scoring
  • Bone Turnover Marker Tests
  • Consultation with Dr. Afroze Abbas
  • BoneStrong (Bone Strengthening) Program.

Your Path to Improved Bone Health, Tailored to You

Our clinic is spearheaded by Dr. Afroze Abbas, a recognized national expert in osteoporosis treatment.

With our consultant-led service, you can enjoy a comprehensive approach to managing your bone health.

  • Face to face consultation with Dr. Abbas.
  • Review of Previous DEXA Bone Density Scan Reports.
  • Full Assessment for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.
  • Book your own appointment. No need for Doctor Referral.
  • Full assessment, advice, and discussion of treatment options for £220.

Specialist Bone Health Services Designed for Your Needs by Leading Experts.

Starting with an initial consultation, we can build a package that supports your individual requirements.

Consultation with Dr. Afroze Abbas

  • Receive personalized advice and treatment recommendations from Dr. Abbas, a Consultant Endocrinologist and Specialist in Osteoporosis, who brings a wealth of expertise in metabolic bone disorders, parathyroid disorders, and general endocrinology.

Wide Range of Blood Testing and Specialist Scans

  • Receive tailored recommendations based on comprehensive blood tests, including Bone Turnover Markers, and specialist scans to accurately assess your bone health and related endocrine conditions.

Bone Density Scanning

  • Accurate Assessment: Get a precise measurement of your bone density to assess your risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Early Detection: Identify bone loss early, enabling timely intervention and prevention of further deterioration.

Specialist Scans for Enhanced Insight

  • Trabecular Bone Scoring: Measure the micro-architecture of the bone to assess bone quality, complementing the quantitative data from DEXA scans.
  • Vertebral Fracture Assessment: Identify any previous spinal fractures which are crucial for a comprehensive understanding of your bone health and tailoring your treatment plan.

Expertise and Personalised Care

  • Nationally Recognised Expertise: Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Dr. Abbas, a nationally-recognized Consultant Specialist in Osteoporosis, bone conditions, and hormone health.
  • Collaborative Care: Enjoy the assurance that comes with a collaborative approach to care, where your treatment plan is discussed and coordinated with your NHS GP to ensure continuity and comprehensive care.

BoneStrong Programme – Onsite Bone Strengthening Exercise Classes

  • Strengthen Bones: Improve bone density and muscle strength through safe, supervised sessions using the biodensity machine, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.
  • Customised Programs: Receive a tailored exercise plan designed to meet your specific needs and goals, whether you're looking to prevent bone loss or recover from osteoporosis.

Prices from £169.00

How to Book Your DexaStrong Bone Density Consultation

Call our team at the DexaStrong Clinic on 0113 3180200, email us at info@dexa-strong.co.uk, or complete our Quick Enquiry Form.

Bone Health Assessment and Consultation

  • Comprehensive bone health assessment including DEXA scan for Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and T-score analysis to identify osteopenia or osteoporosis.
  • Expert interpretation of scan results and related bone health markers, providing a clear understanding of your bone health status.
  • Personalised treatment recommendations including medication options, dietary and lifestyle advice to improve bone density and reduce fracture risk.
  • Consideration of additional factors such as age, family history, medication use, and overall endocrine health.

Specialised Scans and Testing

  • Bone Turnover Markers testing to assess the rate of bone formation and reabsorption, aiding in the customisation of your treatment plan.
  • Vertebral Fracture Assessment to identify any previous spinal fractures, and Trabecular Bone Scoring to assess bone quality.
  • FRAX score calculation to estimate the 10-year risk of osteoporotic fractures, aiding in a more personalised risk assessment.
  • Recommendations for further specialised scans and tests to provide a holistic understanding of your bone and overall endocrine health.

Osteoporosis Symptom Management

  • Evaluation of symptoms and complications associated with osteoporosis such as frequent fractures, back pain, and loss of height.
  • Personalised treatment plans to address specific symptoms and improve quality of life, encompassing medication, exercise, and dietary recommendations.
  • Consideration of non-pharmacological treatment options for symptom relief and bone health improvement.
  • Support and guidance for managing changes in bone health and understanding the interplay between bone, hormonal, and overall endocrine health.

The staff were friendly and incredibly well informed. They talked me through my different options and the scan itself was incredibly professional and efficient. It took about 15 minutes and got my results within about 5 minutes afterwards.

Sam R.

My initial enquiry was dealt with my both thoroughly & efficiently. Less than 24 hours later I was in for my scan. The facility itself looks great, akin more to a boutique hotel foyer than a medical clinic.

Chris R.

The whole experience was first class, I was greeted by staff, made to feel at ease and was fully informed about how the scan was to be conducted and the information it would produce. All my pre-scan questions were answered as a result.

Vanessa S.

How to Book Your DexaStrong Bone Density Consultation

Call our team at the DexaStrong Clinic on 0113 3180200, email us at info@dexa-strong.co.uk, or  complete our Quick Enquiry Form.

Benefits of Choosing DEXAStrong for Your Osteoporosis and Bone Health Care

At DEXAStrong, we prioritise a holistic and accessible approach to bone health, offering services and expertise in a welcoming environment.

Our clinic serves as a one-stop destination, facilitating bone density scans, specialised osteoporosis consultations, and additional testing all within a single location, often during the same visit.

The integration and convenience offered here are unparalleled. Our specialists, including Dr. Afroze Abbas, are highly trained and committed to delivering personalised care tailored to your unique needs.

Choosing DEXAStrong translates to shorter wait times, the autonomy to book your own appointments without necessitating a GP referral, and a comprehensive, personalised summary of your consultation and treatment plan.

We offer a spectrum of services and treatments, such as the Vertebral Fracture Assessment, Bone Turnover Markers testing, and access to a wider range of osteoporosis medications, complementing the care you receive through the NHS.

Opting for DEXAStrong signifies prioritising your bone health with top-tier care available.

What is a DEXA scan, and why is it important for bone health?

A DEXA (Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scan is a specialised X-ray test that measures bone mineral density (BMD), helping to diagnose osteoporosis or assess your risk of developing osteoporotic fractures. It's a crucial step in understanding and managing your bone health.

How is the DexaStrong clinic different when it comes to bone health assessments?

At DexaStrong, we provide a comprehensive approach to bone health. Our clinic offers not only DEXA scans but also consultations with bone health specialists, bone turnover marker testing, and other advanced assessments like Vertebral Fracture Assessment and Trabecular Bone Scoring, all within a single visit in many cases.

How quickly can I get an appointment for a bone density assessment?

We aim to provide appointments within two weeks of your request, ensuring timely evaluation and action on your bone health concerns. We can look at quicker appointments, if required, simply contact a member of the team.

Can I self-refer for a bone density assessment and consultation?

Yes, at DexaStrong, we allow self-referrals, enabling you to take charge of your bone health without needing a GP referral initially.

What will happen during my consultation with Dr. Afroze Abbas?

During your consultation, Dr. Abbas will review your medical history, discuss any symptoms or concerns you may have, interpret your scan results, and provide personalised advice and treatment recommendations. This may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, medication suggestions, and further testing if necessary.

What are Bone Turnover Markers and why are they important?

Bone Turnover Markers are substances measured in the blood to assess the rate of bone formation and resorption, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic bone diseases like osteoporosis.

They provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of treatments and can guide personalisation of your bone health management plan.

How does the Vertebral Fracture Assessment Scan contribute to my bone health evaluation?

The Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA) scan identifies any previous spinal fractures, which are crucial for understanding your risk profile for future fractures and influencing treatment advice and options.

This scan is performed alongside the DEXA scan, providing a more comprehensive view of your bone health with minimal additional radiation exposure.

What can I expect in terms of follow-up care?

Your follow-up care will be tailored to your needs and may include further consultations with Dr. Abbas, monitoring of your treatment effectiveness, and adjustments to your treatment plan to ensure optimal long-term management of your bone health.

How will my GP be involved in my care at DexaStrong?

With your consent, we will keep your GP informed of any tests, scans, or treatment plans undertaken at DEXAStrong to ensure continuity of care.

Can I transition between private and NHS care for my bone health management?

Absolutely, you have the choice to transition between private and NHS care at any stage of your journey.

Our clinic ensures seamless communication with your GP to facilitate this transition whenever you choose.