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  • August 25, 2023
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Introduction: The Importance of Liver Health

The liver, one of the largest organs in the body, is responsible for filtering toxins, aiding in digestion, and regulating blood sugar levels. With the rise of liver diseases like alcoholic hepatitis and Hepatitis C, early detection and treatment are crucial. DexaStrong Clinic is proud to introduce The Liver Clinic, offering cutting-edge FibroScan testing and comprehensive care.

1. Understanding Liver Scans

What Does a Scan of the Liver Show?

A liver scan provides detailed 3D images of the liver, helping to identify conditions such as fatty liver disease, liver inflammation, liver cancer, and cirrhosis. It can also assess liver function and blood flow, detect abnormal masses, and reveal bright spots indicating organ damage.

Types of Liver Scans

  • Ultrasound: Utilises high-frequency sound waves, including a 50-MHz wave, to create images of the liver. Suitable for fatty liver ultrasound.
  • CT Scan: Employs gamma radiation to produce cross-sectional images, revealing dark spots or solid masses.
  • MRI: Uses magnetic resonance imaging to generate detailed images, helpful in detecting bile duct obstructions and hepatic duct issues.
  • FibroScan: A specialised ultrasound that measures liver stiffness, indicating fibrosis or scarring. Known for liver stiffness measurement.

Which Scan is Best for the Liver?

The choice depends on the specific condition and the information needed. Ultrasound, including liver ultrasound fasting, is often used for initial screening, while FibroScan is preferred for the assessment of liver fibrosis.

2. Introducing The Liver Clinic at DexaStrong

Revolutionising liver care in the UK, The Liver Clinic at DexaStrong offers a holistic approach to liver wellness, utilising cutting-edge FibroScan technology.

FibroScan: The New Type of Liver Scan

FibroScan, also known as transient elastography, is a non-invasive diagnostic device used to measure liver scarring or fibrosis. It’s a safe procedure that offers an alternative to liver biopsy.

Comprehensive Services

From fatty liver reversal programs to personalised treatment plans, The Liver Clinic provides top-notch care for various liver conditions, including chronic liver disease and alcoholic liver disease.

3. Preparing for a Liver Scan

What Should I Do Before a Liver Scan?

Preparation may include fasting and avoiding certain medications. Specific instructions will be provided by your healthcare professional.

Is a Liver Scan Painful?

Most liver scans, including FibroScan, are painless. Some discomfort may be felt during a CT scan due to the barium procedure.

4. Understanding Liver Scan Results

What is a Normal Liver Scan Result?

Normal results vary based on the type of scan and the individual’s health. Abnormal liver ultrasound findings will be interpreted by a healthcare provider.

Does Liver Scan Show Fatty Liver?

Yes, liver scans can detect fatty liver and assess the degree of fat accumulation, including advanced fibrosis and severe scarring.

5. Cost and Accessibility

How Much is a Liver Scan?

The cost varies based on the type of scan and location. DexaStrong Clinic offers competitive pricing and limited offers for the first 100 customers.

The Liver Clinic

DexaStrong Clinic’s introduction of The Liver Clinic signifies a monumental step in liver care in the UK. With state-of-the-art technology like magnetic resonance elastography and a dedicated team of specialists, we are committed to providing unparalleled liver health services.

Join us in this exciting new chapter and take control of your liver health today. Book an appointment time and be part of the revolution in liver care.


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